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Sunrise Black Bull

Host of "The Wake Up Call"

My relatives, I greet you with a good heart and extend a warm handshake.

My English name is SunRise Black Bull, my Lakota name is Anpetu Luta Win (Red Day Woman).

I am an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, a mother to a thriving 21-year-old daughter, Ista Gi Win (Brown Eyes Woman) and grandmother to a very compassionate 5-year-old takoja, Itazipa To Kiya (Paints his bow blue).

I am an active member of my community and work on various levels within my Tribe to reduce violence, encourage systems change, provide technical assistance to agencies and other Reservations on various topics. With the goal of having everyone understand Adverse Childhood Experiences and tailoring organization’s and direct services to reduce re-victimization and promote healing.

I have trained court personnel, Police Officers, Victims’ Advocates, School staff and faculty and every program on the reservation on a variety of topics and issues. 

I work for the RST Child Care Program under the Administration for Native American Grant, Protector of the Sacred Program. Which is a staff development project for individuals who will be working in the new Day Care Facility. Who are all embarking on a journey to healing, and learning the Lakota Language, songs, stories, dance, star knowledge, traditional foods, sacred and significant sites to the Lakota and so much more.

I Obtained a Master’s Degree in Enhanced Professionalism in Human Services from Sinte Gleska University. And soon will be attending University of North Dakota pursuing a doctoral degree in Indigenous Health.

I am the Executive Director of a grassroots Non-Profit organization Inyan Hocokan Tipi Ki, that is in its infancy stages, with the goal to offer healing and empowering opportunities for the entire family. And becoming a template, model program for other communities on the Reservation.

Co-founder of Sicangu Youth Council and assisted in a movement to repatriate children from Rosebud who were buried at Carlisle, PA to heal and continue to move forward from the effects of Boarding School Trauma that we still feel today.

And Co-Chair of Board of Directors for the South Dakota Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence.

Healing is a lifelong journey and I just want to share my experiences and learn as much as I can along the way. We are the answers to our ancestor’s prayers, and it is up to us to learn our traditional ways, language, heal and look out for the next 7 generations. 

Purple Blossom
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Malorie Arrow

Co-Host of "The Wake Up Call"

Updates coming...

Healing Stones
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