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The Lakota language is a Native American language spoken by the Lakota people, primarily in the western United States. Unfortunately, the number of Lakota speakers has been declining rapidly over the years, with many younger generations not speaking the language at all. To address this issue, a program was started to provide Lakota speakers for a day care.

The program began by developing a curriculum that focused on teaching Lakota language and culture to interested individuals. The curriculum was designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of fluency in the language. It included a variety of teaching methods, including traditional classroom instruction, hands-on learning activities, and immersion experiences.

Once the curriculum was developed, the program began recruiting individuals who were interested in learning the Lakota language and becoming certified Lakota speakers. These individuals were required to complete the entire curriculum  before being certified.

The certified interns will then be employed by the day care to provide language immersion experiences for the children. They would spend time with the children, speaking Lakota and teaching them about Lakota culture. This provided the children with a unique and valuable cultural experience, while also helping to preserve the Lakota language.

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Protector of the Sacred

What would you like to leave for the next generation?

By passing down the Lakota language, Lakota speakers can ensure that future generations have access to this valuable cultural knowledge. They can teach the next generation the meaning and significance of Lakota words, phrases, and expressions, as well as the stories and histories that are connected to them.

Lakota speakers can also pass down their knowledge of traditional practices, such as ceremonies, dances, and other cultural activities. These practices are an important part of Lakota culture, and they help to maintain the connection between the Lakota people and their ancestral traditions.

Lakota speakers can pass down their knowledge of the values that are at the heart of Lakota culture, such as respect for the earth, community, and family. These values are essential to the survival and well-being of the Lakota people, and by passing them down to the next generation, Lakota speakers can help to ensure that their culture and way of life continue to thrive.



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